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 Town Creation Rules

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PostSubject: Town Creation Rules   Sun Jan 16, 2011 12:49 pm

Now since this is PvE/PvP, it's natural for people to want to group up and make a town/village together. now do keep in mind that you can do whatever you want, the following is only if you want to be recognized by the server as an official Town/Village on the server. (Citizens re-spawn in town). You can build whatever you want wherever you want, this is just if you want the bonuses from me. So here's the process to follow if you want to set up a town (doesn't have to be in this order).

1.) Get a group of 10 or more people together that are willing to be citizens/builders in your town.

2.) Get a location to build your town at; please note you can not build an official town/village within the safe area
surrounding spawn, it must be surrounded by a PvP enabled area. (outside the lightstone pillars)

3.) Pick a name for your town, nothing offensive will be allowed.

4.) Build your town; there are a few basic building requirements.
a) You must have a town square/center, or something that is the center of your town.
b) You must have roads going throughout your town.
c) You must have a "mayor" or leader of the town.
d) The town should not be ridiculously large/small, just use common sense.
e) You must have a 10x10 area in center of town that will be used for disabled PvP and town spawn point.

5.) Fill out the following form and post it on this forum.


Town Name:
Leader/Mayor Username:
Citizens (15+):

Is the town fully built? (Y/N)
Has an admin Ok'd the town in-game? (Y/N)
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Town Creation Rules
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