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 Grifing Rules - Memorise this!

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PostSubject: Grifing Rules - Memorise this!   Thu Feb 03, 2011 11:50 am

Now I know as well as any other server administrator that grieving is a huge issue since Minecraft is a sandbox game. So, I have multiple plugins/modifications in place to prevent it as much as possible. Users who have hacked items such as fire blocks, bedrock, mob spawners, etc in their inventories are automatically banned by the system. I don't like just flat out disabling flint/tnt, so I modified it instead. Flint can be used to start fires by members or higher, (see hierarchy bellow) but the fire will only burn leaves; it won't burn through un-refined wood, this makes fire a lot less dangerous, and a much more useful tool in terms of clearing leaves while preserving wood.

As for TNT, it's disabled for anyone that isn't a Donor/Sponsor; since if you care enough about the server to donate real life $$$ to it, I doubt you'll want to destroy it with TNT. Besides, TNT isn't the easiest thing ever to get.

Now let me be very clear on this next point, griefing is allowed so long as it somehow helps you progress/advance in the game. now I want to explain this a little more so it's well, understood. My definition of griefing is destroying someone else's work in order to better yourself. For example, let's say you know there's a chest with diamonds in a house; you're allowed to dig underneath the house/go in the house and take the diamonds. Stealing is part of the game, and it's the person's own fault if they don't hide their chests well enough. Now let me tell you what isn't allowed; griefing that doesn't help you. So for example, you see a random house and decide, "Hey, I'm going to burn this down cause I'm an *******!" and then proceed to light it on fire, you're going to get banned. Now if you still don't totally understand what I'm saying, bellow I listed some do and don'ts when it comes to griefing on this server.

Do's (Allowed):
1.) Sneaking into a house and stealing resources/items.
2.) "Griefing" a house by destroying it with tools => you get the resources.
3.) Griefing someone who lives near you and/or you assume to be a threat to you.
4.) Raiding an official or un-official town.
5.)Quote "TFW5" in your Membership application.

Don'ts (Not Tolerated):
1.) Burning down random houses.
2.) Flooding random houses w/ lava or water.
3.) Griefing someone who is 600 blocks away from your base.
4.) Doing something just to be an ******* and/or getting no personal gain other than malicious satisfaction.

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Grifing Rules - Memorise this!
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