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 Recent Forum Changes! 2/3/2011 - UPDATE 3.0!

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PostSubject: Recent Forum Changes! 2/3/2011 - UPDATE 3.0!   Thu Feb 03, 2011 3:30 pm

Hey everyone! As you all know, the server has been going through changes, but so has the site!

You guys have already seen the smileys put in, now it's time to catch you up on the other recent changes!

Descriptions have been updated on categories, this is to try to ensure you post in the correct section, so please do!

Regular users can no longer post new threads in the news section, they may still reply to a current thread, but the News section is where staff is able to tell you guys Site/Server Announcements, this will keep it much clearer and to the point.

Ranks have been updated, so now when you join a town, you may post in the section (Soon to come) and request your rank to be changed to "Town Member", default is the same as in game, Refugee. As well, there is a Town Mayor rank, so please Mayors, let us know who you are!

We now will have groups for different towns. The mayor will be the Moderator of the group, and he/she will be able to accept/deny/ and kick members from the group. Please be sure to only allow Town Members into your group!

With the new groups give new possibilities. Now, when an Admin gives your mayor the group, that group will have access to it's own private forum sub-section in the "Town Talk" section of the forums. This forum sub-section will only be seen by any member in your town group, as well as MODs/Admins, so forum rules still apply.

Now to a more fun topic! I have input 91 different moods into the site! Now members can select from an extensive amount of moods to show on the side under their avatar how they're feeling!

Likely, there is now also a field where you are able to enter your Minecraft In Game name. This is for all those who want a different forum username, but still want people to know who they are. We still encourage your forum name be similar to your IGN, but if you don't want numbers in your Forum Name or whatever, this will allow it to be more clear to everyone.

To edit your mood or Minecraft IGN, simply click "User CP" at the nav bar above. Then edit them and be sure to save!


Facebook connect is now also enabled!

Also, New topic Icons have been implemented! Make your thread look a bit more fancy with some awesome prefixes!

There's also now a report system! To report a post for a Rule Violation, simply click the Red Explanation Point on a post! It will NOT let you report admins!


You may now color your Thread title!

Likewise, you may now add a short thread description before posting!

Also, Multi Quote and Quick Reply are now enabled!

The main board index now shows latest post titles on the side instead of just the last poster's name! (Yes, they're click-able!)

Some words are now censored to try to keep a friendly pg-13 enviroment!

Members are now allowed to upload attachments!

There's much more to come, so stay tuned! ;D
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Recent Forum Changes! 2/3/2011 - UPDATE 3.0!
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