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 Planned Features!

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PostSubject: Planned Features!   Sun Feb 13, 2011 11:05 am

Admin Stuff

New Website!
Forumotion is rubbish, simple as. We are now saving for a proper license for use with Vbulletin, So please donate all you can!

Server Upgrades - We are also saving to upgrade the RAM of the Server, This will make the server less laggy and allow us to remove borders and expand our World!

In Game Changes

Towns - We will be decreasing the amount of members it takes to Form a town, This should help people set up there Towns and give them some Extra Protection.

Economy - We will be setting up an economy very soon, where you will be able to buy and sell items to the Server, you will also be able to create player shops so You can sell and buy from other players too!

Land Claim - We are trying to create a system where you will be able to buy plots of land from the "bank" and you can protect your house from potential Griefer's.


We are doing an Overhall with Ranks to try and change them to suit the Server Better Some people may like these changes, some people won't.

it will be along the lines of

Refugee - These members will be able to look, but not touch. They will have 0 building privilagies.

Member - after a quick app form via the website (current one will be changing too, to make it faster and smoother) you will be promoted to member where you will be able to build again. We are going to give you back your /home and /sethome commands. However we are looking into a way to disabling these with PvP.

ViP - Same as it is now (maybe some new stuff)

ViP 2 ? Possible 2nd ViP rank =)

Mod/Demi-god - Member with Benefits :) (the Ability to kick and ban)

God - Fear these people

Creator - Fear me More =D


Partys - We are looking into players being able to form Partys where they can private chat in there group and also be safe from killing each other, this would clear chat up a bit and allow for some easier raiding and building projects.

Chest Protect - We are looking into giving back chest protection. As much as I would rather not, It is hard to protect your stuff unless you are in a town (in which case you can put blocks on top of the chests :))

As always feel free to leave comments and Suggestions.

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Planned Features!
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