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 Chest protection and home and spawn command

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PostSubject: Chest protection and home and spawn command   Mon Jan 24, 2011 11:42 am

Hello, since this is a PVP server, why does /home and /spawn work? It's a simple way to escape a pvp fight if you have armor and just write/home and the other person cant do anything about it.

About chest protection,
Maybe not remove it totally, but to make raiding more intresting between towns, removeing it a bit, maybe a maximum of chests allowed to be locked for each person, or removing it totally.
Making people hide their chests in the town, or in a vault made by RSD , endless ways of hiding stuff.
IF this gets implented at all, people would have to be able to reach the chests without destroying or placing a block since the towns have protection.

This is just a suggestion and my opinions, please tell me what you think.

Best regards

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PostSubject: Re: Chest protection and home and spawn command   Mon Jan 24, 2011 1:55 pm

Such things are being looked into, but for now, they're in use because everything is still being created.

Once towns and nations are created we'll be changing some things to make it more pvp based, but first we must finish the start of the server, which will be soon!

Thanks for the suggestions, and anymore you get, please post them!

The time has come.
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Chest protection and home and spawn command
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