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 Donating, Becoming an Immortal

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PostSubject: Donating, Becoming an Immortal   Sun Jan 16, 2011 12:43 pm

As you may know it costs a lot of money to run a server, I pay this out my own pocket because I'm nice like that. I try to make the server as nice as possible and work very hard on setting it up the way the community want it.

I have decided to set up a scheme to try and help me pay for this. and all money I do make from donations will be going straight back into the server/community.

Donations will help to pay for a bigger server capacity and keep the server running :)

I don't expect people to hand over their money for nothing in return, which is why there are different ranks of Donator's so no matter what you contribute you can still get something in return.


All this for £15

A spot on the reserve List
A nice prefix before your name
Can use 2 colors for your ingame name
/sethome /home
30 Bonus "Blocks" for your choice of town
Ability to use TNT & Lighter
Can make and use Golden Apples


Adding color to your name

£1 = You can chose 1 color to change your ingame name too

£2 = You can chose 2 color's to change your ingame name too

£3 = You can have as many colors as you would like for your ingame name

**If theres things that you would like that aren't on the list feel free to ask any of the Admins**

Disclaimer: Donator's can still be banned from the server if they break any of the rules. There is no Guarantee the server will stay up for any length of time. There will be no Refunds!

So how do you donate? its simple!
Go to the homepage and use the Donate button to the bottom right
Type your username and what you are purchasing into the comment and an amount.
Donations can be any amounts as every little helps.
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Donating, Becoming an Immortal
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