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 The server and its current state

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PostSubject: The server and its current state   Sun Jan 30, 2011 9:18 am

So as you may know the server has been lagging like crap, and crashing and every other thing that can possibly go wrong has gone wrong.

Now from what it looks like from your end is, I have been afk all weekend not doing anything about it :)

But I have been in contact with my host and bitching at them to fix it.

the last e-mail I have received from them was something along the lines of this

Quote :


We will perform further investigation on this issue.

So basically, they have no clue what is causing the server to lag. I received this last night, So if it isn't fixed or I haven't heard anything from them tonight then I will go mental at them some more. I will do it in Live Chat too. just so they can't ignore me =)

on the side note about Griefers etc..

there is nothing I can do about it at the moment, Due to WorldGuard being disabled as it is out of date..

so unfortunately the only way we can deal with this is to kick people who are griefing....

The Good news about this. is that towns are still protected. so if a town gets blown up then it is someone from there own town doing the damage, and it is up to the Mayor of that town to deal with the player.

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The server and its current state
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