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 Latest Conversation with Host's

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PostSubject: Latest Conversation with Host's   Mon Jan 31, 2011 10:31 am

Some nice info in here =)

Quote :

<@Deehem> Hi Alomancy, what browser are you using?
<+Alomancy> google chrome
* Mc_Duff (Mc_Duff@ Quit (Ping timeout)
<+Alomancy> it only recently stopped working
<@Deehem> the MH number you have provided me with is invalid, could you confirm it please?
<+Alomancy> MH42755
<+Alomancy> oops put a 3 in the ticket
<@Deehem> backups work here
<@Deehem> Just created one
<+Alomancy> well it says it creates them
<@Deehem> or not, how odd
<+Alomancy> but it doesnt show on the files list
<+Alomancy> my thoughts exactly
<+Alomancy> it seems the last backup that worked was created before I migrated servers. maybe that has something to do with it
<@Deehem> should be working now Alomancy :)
<+Alomancy> just checked the daates there
<+Alomancy> ahh ok
<+Alomancy> well thanks
<@Deehem> You're welcome
<+Alomancy> I dont suppose you know whats happeneing with the CPU issues?
* qwebirc81009 (webchat@dslb-092-073-159-239.pools.arcor-ip.net) has left #mpukhosting
<+Alomancy> they migrated me because of high cpu issues, and it seems worse now. was told they would look into it, but that was 2 days ago
<+Alomancy> ticket ID 237961
* qwebirc42015 (webchat@dslb-092-073-159-239.pools.arcor-ip.net) has joined #mpukhosting
<@Deehem> We haven't been able to narrow it down yet, but we're comparing servers for plugins to see if there are any issues with a specific plugin.
<+Alomancy> oh ok
<+Alomancy> cool
<+Alomancy> don't suppose your ready to try bukkit yet ;)
<+Alomancy> I miss my WorldGuard =(
<@Deehem> I believe our developers are testing it this week, I don't have an ETA as of yet though :(
<+Alomancy> ahh well, I guess it will be released when its ready
<+Alomancy> I shall let you get back to work now =)
<+Alomancy> thanks for all the help
<@Deehem> You're welcome. Have a nice day, bye :)

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Latest Conversation with Host's
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