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 Town Commands

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PostSubject: Town Commands   Sun Jan 16, 2011 12:48 pm

Quote :
Player Commands:
/resident ? : List commands under resident command.
/town ? : List commands under town command.
/nation ? : List commands under nation command.
/resident : Show your last login and assigned town.
/town : Show your town's status and residents.
/nation : Show your nation's towns and allegiances.
/town here : Show the status of the town your physically in.
/resident [name] : Show resident's (player) last login and assigned town.
/town [name] : Show town status and residents.
/nation [name] : Show a nation's towns and allegiances.
/resident list : Show all residents to ever log in (Assign only if your server is rather small).
/town list : List all towns
/nation list : List all nations
/town leave : Allows a resident to leave a town. If he is the last resident, the town is destroyed.
/towny map : Draws a color coded map of the nearby town blocks. Gold is your current position. Red + are enemy towns, while green ones belong to your town/nation.
/towny map toggle : Turn on/off showing the TownyMap as your move between town blocks.

Lord Commands:
/town add [player] .. [player] : Add each [player] to town
/town kick [player] : Remove [player] from town
/nation leave : Leave your nation
/town setboard [message] : Set town board of current town
/claim : Claim the TownBlock your standing in.
/claim remove : Remove the claim over the TownBlock your in.
/claim toggle : Turn on/off claiming town blocks just by swinging your arm.
/claim rect [player] : Try to claim all town blocks in a rectangle shape from you to the target player. The target player must be part of your town.
/town assistant [+/-] [player] : Grant or deny mayor status to player
/town protect [on/off/buildonly] : Set town's protection vs outsiders.
/town sethome : Set's the current townblock your in to the home town block.

King Commands:
/nation add [town] .. [town] : Add each [town] to nation
/nation kick [town] : Remove [town] from nation
/nation assistant [+/-] [player] : Grant or deny king status to player
/town secapital [town] : Set [town]'s mayor as king over the nation (remove king and current assistants)
/ally [+/n/-] [nation] : Set target nation to Friend, Neutral or Enemy. Setting as enemy will start the war timer.
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Town Commands
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